Duracell PowerSource 1440W (B-stock)

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Run power tools, home appliances, even a full-size refrigerator for 5 hours.

4 AC outlets, 2 USB ports and a 12V DC can power a wide range of devices.

Ideal for critical devices during a power outage because it can instantly transition from AC to its internal battery.

Compatible with most solar panels and can also connect to your vehicle via daisy chain terminals when solar or AC power is not available.

Use daisy-chaining to add batteries and solar panels to double and triple the storage capacity.

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Our B-stock products are 100% functional, used, in good condition, with superficial scratches, and delivered in brown box packaging.

The Duracell PowerSource 1440W is a portable battery generator that produces clean, gasless, odorless power when you need it most.

Whether you’re hunkered down at home during a power outage or off on an adventure, the Duracell PowerSource Station is the safest, most reliable way to power anything you might from a traditional AC wall outlet.

In today’s uncertain world where disaster can strike at any time, get power you can count on every time from Duracell, a brand you can trust.

Reliable Emergency Power

Keep critical devices powered up until power is restored. With 4X1800 watt AC outlets and 660 watt hour capacity, you’re prepared for power outages, bad weather and other emergencies.

Outdoor Power Station

Clean, safe, gasless generator for your next outdoor adventure. Portable unit with built-in carrying handles make it perfect for camping, fishing or living off the grid.

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Ideal for critical devices during a power outage because it can instantly transition from AC power to its internal battery, ensuring that your connected devices never skip a beat.

Power Many Devices Simultaneously

4AC wall outlets, 2 USB ports, and 12 volt DC to run TVs, power tools, home appliances, even a full-size refrigerator for hours.

Fast and Easy Solar Charging

Recharge with solar panels or by connecting to your vehicle’s battery via the daisy chain terminals when solar or AC power is not available.

Affordable Expansion

Use daisy-chaining to add batteries and solar panels to double and triple the storage capacity.

Works with


5 hours

Mini Fridge

14 hours


15 hours

LED Table Lamp

48 hours

Cable/Wifi Router

12 hours

Sump Pump

1 hour (continuous use)

LED String Lights

150 hours


8x charges


16x charges

Smart Phone

35x charges

average rating 4.9 out of 5
Based on 252 reviews
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252 Reviews
Reviewed by Max D.
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I have a tent trailer with AC and this is perfect for it. It runs everything perfectly and charges with Solar. Big fan!

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Reviewed by herncy p.
Verified Buyer
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Best ever

Perfect for what I needed it for

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Reviewed by Carl W.
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I recommend this product
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Love it

Bridges the gap between just a battery and expensive units.

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Reviewed by John Bianco J.
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Great backup 👏

The B-stock has been holding it's charge and running items for the time allotted. It arrived in good shape and is handy to run my medical equipment.

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Reviewed by Dat T.
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Good enough, bought two.

After only had the first unit for a couple weeks, it works as expected. Needed a little help from customer service and the response was within minutes. Needless to say I was impressed so I bought a second unit for a second cluster to electronics. I could have given it a 5 stars but since it’s a B-stock and only charge to about 13v not the full 14v as specs I suspect some degradation of the battery. Longevity is uncertain and it’s too early to judge.

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Battery ChemistrySealed Lead Acid (SLA) with AGM Technology
Battery Capacity660 Wh/ 55Ah (12V)
Peak Output1800 Watts (1440 watts continuous, 2880 watts surge)
Power Outlets

4x AC outlets

2x 2.1A USB Ports

1x 12V DC outlet

Output wave formModified sine wave
ChargerBuilt-in 6A, 3-stage charger can be left plugged in
UPSInstant-on (<=20ms) power for attached devices
Solar controllerUp to 100W, 15A input. Built-in voltage, current, charge management and safety protections


ProtectionsSurge suppression, Overload shutdown, Under-voltage shutdown, Over-temperature shutdown 
Item Dims58 Lbs.
Product Dims20in L x 9in W x 13in H 

User Manuals

English | French | Spanish

prop 65 warning WARNING: 

This product can expose you to chemicals including Diisononyl Phthalate(DINP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and  Bisphenol A (BPA), which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

General Questions

Yes. It will not overcharge the battery.

You need to push and hold the power button which will light up the screen, turn on the inverter and activate the UPS function.

The watt meter measures loads over 50 watts.

They are always on.

No, it can not be disabled. When the internal battery has 10.5 volts, the alarm will sound. Please turn off the unit or recharge it.

The Power Source 660 has a floating ground. When the unit is plugged into the wall, it is grounded through the wiring in the AC outlet. When the unit is used free standing, there is no ground, and it is just like any other appliance that has only 2 prongs on the plug.

The Duracell PowerSource is similar to a generator in that it is portable and provides AC power using a refillable energy source. This unit has a built in solar controller which allows it to be sustainably recharged using solar panels. It can also be recharged via the external posts from other sources such as a car's alternator or additional SLA batteries. Since the unit has an inverter, it does generate 110V AC. The difference is that the unit pulls the energy from a battery rather than from a gas tank.

The PowerSource has been tested to run a 16 cu ft refrigerator for 5 hours but run times may fluctuate from 3 hours to as high as 8 hours depending on compressor types and usage. Since a refrigerator can retain its “cold” for a few hours, you can turn on the PowerSource for 30 mins every 4 hours or so to maximize it’s run time.

The 1440 watt inverter will draw approximately up to 120 amps from a 12.8 volt battery.

No, the AC waveforms will not be synced, it is not safe and will damage both units.

You can connect (Daisy Chain) 12V Lead acid batteries to the terminals to extend your run-time. Red to Positive(+), Black to negative(-) The battery is connected to the unit by the 10mm posts on the back.

Yes. There is no limit to the number of batteries you can add to the unit, though it does increase the amount of time it takes to charge the unit.

If your cable is less than 4 feet long, you can use 4 gauge wire. Longer cables will require 2 gauge.

The larger the better however the built-in 6A charger will take a long time to charge larger batteries.

A circuit breaker can be installed on either the positive or negative side; Keep it as close to the external battery as possible-the breaker will protect the battery; the unit will protect itself.

150 to 200 amps is sufficient ex: 1800 (watts) / 12 v (input) = 150 amps

This unit has a modified sine wave which can cause some items with motors to make a buzzing sound.

You may plug a portable pure sine wave inverter to the back terminals, but you will not be able to use the 'instant on' UPS function on the external inverter because UPS function is only available from the front ports. We recommend only using products with NRTL certification (UL, ELT, CSA logos) and FCC approval.

We recommend using the shortest possible factory made cables with Anderson connectors to minimize resistance.

Items with heating elements like heaters, irons and cookers use 1000 watts or more and are an inefficient use of the battery energy. Additionally air conditioning units will not work with the PowerSource.

Questions about charging the PowerSource

Lead acid batteries are generally rated for 500 cycles before they reach about 70% of their original capacity.

It takes 10-12 hours to charge the internal battery from 0 to 100% when plugged into the wall.

Yes, the power from the wall outlet will recharge both the internal and external batteries as if it was one big battery.

Yes, but it is not recommended. You need to carefully monitor the charging, and cut it off when the battery reaches 14.6 volts, because it is DIRECT CHARGING.

Yes, there are 2 ways to charge from a gas generator: 1) If the generator has an inverter, plug into DR660PSS AC cord into the AC port of the gas generator. 2) If the gas generator has a battery charging port you can charge the DR660PSS using the daisy chain terminals but it must be carefully monitored and removed when the internal battery reaches 14.6V.

You may use a wind turbine WITH a charge controller for 12 v batteries. You will need to connect it to the Daisy Chain terminal posts on the back of the unit.

Questions about charging with solar panels

It takes 10 hours or more to charge the internal battery with a solar panel. Panel type, length of connections, intensity of the sun and atmospheric conditions all affect the power delivered to the unit.

100 watts is the maximum we recommend when using the built-in solar controller which has a 15A replaceable fuse inside.

You may use the 12v socket (15A max) on the front or the Daisy Chain terminals (120A max) in the back to connect a solar panel with external charge controller.

Yes, the PowerSource will recharge from the wall outlet first, and if the power goes out it will automatically switch over to recharging via the solar panels.

Getting to Know Your New PowerSource

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