Duracell 400 Watt High Power Inverter

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Part #: DRINV400

High Power Inverter for work, play and more

Ideal for tailgating, camping and mobile work sites, the Duracell 400 Watt Inverter supplies plenty of household power for your everyday needs. The inverter converts vehicle power into household AC and USB power, supplying up to 400 Watts of peak power, and 320 Watts of continuous output.

The inverter features two 3-prong AC outlets and one 2.1 Amp USB port, running and recharging up to three electronics at once. Powerful enough to operate TVs, video games, laptops, and small handheld tools.

The unit includes two 3' power cables for convenient connectivity options. For applications up to 175 Watts, the inverter plugs directly into your car's DC power port; for higher-demand applications, the battery clamps draw directly from your car's battery.

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