How to Conserve Power During an Outage

With winter storms leaving millions across the country without power, we hope you’re able to stay home and stay safe. Here’s a checklist of things you can do to conserve power.


  • Start by turning off and unplugging nonessential lights and appliances.
  • It’s a good idea to replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs which can run many times longer on backup battery power like the Duracell PowerSource. LEDs also significantly cut energy costs.
  • Don't use large appliances like ovens or washing machines unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Layer up and turn down your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower -- if too many people blast the heat, the demand could trigger another blackout. Try not to use heating elements when using backup power sources since they consume enormous amounts of energy and use up essential backup power that can be used for lighting, recharging mobile devices and powering Wi-Fi routers.
  • If it’s sunny during the day, open your blinds so the sun can heat your home, but close them at night to prevent losing heat.
  • Try to avoid opening your fridge or freezer during a power outage to keep your food cold. Unopened,a fridge can keep food cold for 4 hours and a freezer will keep its temperature for 48 hours.
  • The Duracell PowerSource has been tested to run a 16 cu ft refrigerator for 5 hours but run times may fluctuate from 3 hours to as high as 8 hours depending on compressor types and usage. Since a refrigerator can keep food cold for up to four hours and a freezer will keep its temperature for about 48 hours, you can turn on the PowerSource for 30 mins every four hours to significantly extend its run time.