Checklist to Prepare Your Home for Winter Storms

Temperatures are starting to drop, and it won’t be long before you’ll have to prepare your home for winter storms! When snow falls, you must be prepared to deal with snow and ice removal, carbon monoxide leaks, and power outages

Tips for Storm Proofing Your Home

Storm proofing your home involves more than just having an emergency kit and plenty of blankets to keep warm. Although you may not want to think about your family being in a worst-case scenario, planning for it will keep everyone safe.

  1. Stock a non-perishable food pantry
    Keep at least 3-days’ worth of canned foods, protein bars, dried fruits and vegetables, pasta, pasta sauce, trail mix, beef jerky, and have 1 gallon of water per person per day.
  2. Use camping gear
    If your power goes out, a propane camping stove can whip up some delicious, hot meals for you and your family. Just make sure you have a couple of extra cans of propane stored in the garage.
  3. Check snow removal tools
    Check in on your shovels, gloves, boots, hats, snowplow, gas levels, and ice scrapes before the first snowfall. Replace anything that’s broken and fill empty gas cans.
  4. Use portable power
    The Duracell PowerSource is so powerful that it can charge a full-sized refrigerator for 5-hours. During a winter power outage, you can use it to power space heaters, electronic devices, and lights – you can even use it to keep your Wi-Fi running.
  5. Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    Running the furnace all day long can put your home at greater risk for fire and carbon monoxide leaks. Check the batteries before you turn the heat on and check to make sure the sensors work properly.

Duracell PowerSource Portable Power

The Duracell PowerSource will help keep your household safe and comfortable during a storm. Get yours today!