What it Means to Be a “Prepper”

With natural disasters on the rise, everyone should be prepared to survive for a few days (or more!) of the worst-case scenario.

In the past, people who had basements full of non-perishable foods, gallons of water, an escape plan, medical supplies, emergency equipment, and even hidden bunkers were regarded as “doomsday preppers” and they were pretty few and far between.

These days, it seems as though there’s another massive natural disaster happening every day in some part of the world. More and more people are realizing that these “preppers” might have the right idea – you must be prepared for the day a natural disaster hits home.

More Than a Conspiracy Theory
Perhaps preparing for the apocalypse or zombie outbreak is a little extreme, but “preppers” who have been stocking up and planning for years don’t seem to be so out of touch with reality. COVID-19 made it clear that our governments, hospitals, and local communities aren’t equipped to protect every single citizen.

When stores were running out of toilet paper and food and hospitals were running out of PPE, “preppers” were sitting comfortably at home with their well-stocked supply room.

This was a wake-up call for millions of people. Now being prepared for anything doesn’t mean you’re paranoid, it means you’re smart.

Be Prepared
Make sure you’re prepared for the next natural disaster (or global pandemic) by stocking up on food, water, and supplies. Write out an “in case of emergency” plan and tell each family member what they must remember to do.

Make sure you also have an emergency power source so you can keep in touch with loved ones, make warm food, and entertain yourself with electronic devices. Duracell PowerSource can be used as backup power for your home so you can be as comfortable as possible during an emergency event.