Safely Power Up Your Halloween Decorations

‘Tis the season for spooky string lights illuminating your front porch, inflatable monsters on your front lawn, and using power tools to create haunted displays that scare the neighbors!

Making a great Halloween display certainly requires a lot of power and long electrical cords, so we’re here to bring you a few tips to keep your yard safe (albeit scary) this Halloween.

1. Eliminate extension cords
Typically, homeowners will use extension cords running from the house as power for Halloween decorations. This can create a maze of long power cords running through the lawn and put your home at risk of blowing a fuse. You can keep the lawn clear and lower your power usage by plugging yard décor into the Duracell PowerSource. It can power string lights for up to 150-hours!

2. Consider solar-powered decorations
Light-up decorations don’t have much use during the day. Solar-powered decorations and outdoor lights store up power from the sun all day long and turn on only when it’s dark out. This helps to conserve power, save money on your electric bill, and eliminates the need for electrical cords that someone could trip over.

3. Carve Pumpkins With Power Tools
You’ll be surprised how much time and effort you can save by using power tools to carve your pumpkins. Stay safe and avoid the mess by taking your project outdoors and plugging your tools into the Powerpack Pro 1300 or Duracell PowerSource.

Duracell Power for Halloween Decorations
This year, keep your family, neighbors, and trick or treaters safe while getting spooked with the Duracell PowerSource portable charger.