Safe Backup Power for Back-to-School

The pandemic caused a dramatic shift in the way children learn. Instead of learning in classrooms with their peers and a teacher, they were forced into doing most, if not all, of their work on computers at home. While most schools are allowing children to return to the classroom this fall, the shift to doing more classwork and homework on their computers is likely to continue.

Parents, you can set your kids up for success at home by making sure they are always connected to the internet and their devices are always running with safe backup power for students.

Never Let a Power Outage Affect Your WiFi
If you have a backup power source for kids, you never have to worry about a storm or power grid failure affecting your child’s school attendance. Just make sure your internet router is always plugged into a backup power source, like the Duracell Power Source, and it will seamlessly keep all devices connected.

Complete All Assignments on Time
Even though most teachers would be understanding that a power outage caused a student to turn in a project late, you don’t want your child to have to deal with the stress of not getting their work in on time. Safe backup power for kids will make sure their online learning devices are always charged and connected to the internet so they can submit assignments with the confidence that they’ll be received on time.

Get Help When Needed
It can be tough for your child to learn from home. They don’t have the support of their friends or teacher when they need it. At school, all they have to do is raise their hand and their teacher will come over to help them. Sure, they have you but what if they have a question that you can’t answer? If the power goes out, you won’t even be able to ask Google! A backup power source for school will make sure your child can send a message to their teacher or classmate at any time – and you can do a quick Google for answers when you need them.

Keep Devices Protected
Many students were provided laptops or tablets from their school when they had to transition to online learning. You can make sure those devices stay in tip top shape by charging them with a backup power source that has a built-in surge protector. That way, your child will always have a usable device and they can return it in good condition when they finally do return to school.

Get Your Safe Backup Power for Kids Today!

The Duracell PowerSource provides safe, quiet, clean emergency power that can be used indoors and out. If the power goes out, your child will still be able to submit their assignments on time and stay connected with their class. It doesn’t look like the end to online learning is coming any time soon, so we have to be prepared for any emergency situation – you never know what could happen!