Is Your Small Business At Risk?

If you don’t have a back-up power solution for your small business, then it might be. When the power goes out, everything comes to a screeching halt. Computers shut down, customers are left in the dark (literally), and you risk losing perishable inventory. You can save your business from losing thousands of dollars by making sure you have back up power ready to go.

Emergency power for businesses is crucial in the event of a natural disaster or power grid failure. You don’t want to lose a refrigerator full of food or the ability to cash customers out. And you definitely don’t want anyone sitting there in the dark!

It’s 2021 and candles aren’t a suitable solution to a power outage anymore. Here are 4 warning signs that you need emergency backup power for your small business:

  1. Can your small business afford to have any down time?
    Time is money, and even more so when you’re a small business. Most small businesses rely on every dollar they make to feed their families, pay their employees, and make sure all their vendors are paid on time. One day of business lost can seriously affect the books.

  2. Can you afford not to have operations running smoothly?
    In a world that is largely run by computers, a power outage will prohibit you from completing necessary business functions. No cashing customers out, placing orders, clocking employees in or out… If you rely on the internet and a computer for basic business functions, everything will stop when the power goes out.

    Backup power that kicks on when the power goes out will ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat.

  3. Do you rely on critical devices that could fail without surge protection?
    Power surges often occur with power outages, and they can destroy devices that are plugged in. Surge protectors redirect excess power away from your device, so they don’t burn out from over-voltage. If your small business has laptops, POS systems, printers, or tablets, you should have each device plugged into a surge protector.

  4. Do you need the internet to conduct business?
    You’d be an anomaly if you said that your small business doesn’t need the internet to run. Even if you aren’t offering free Wi-Fi to your customers, you’re likely using an internet signal to place orders, run credit cards, and run reports. You can make sure all your devices stay connected to the internet with backup power

Keep the Lights on With Emergency Power for Business
There are a few different backup power sources that you can use to keep your small business running in the event of a power outage. We recommend the Duracell PowerSource. It’s small enough to keep in any corner of your business and provides an uninterrupted power supply! If the power goes out, the Duracell PowerSource will automatically convert from AC to its internal battery. Your business will run smoothly and unaffected.

Get your Duracell PowerSource (at a special rate!) today and make sure you always have backup power for your small business.