Works with Duracell App Enabled Jump-Starters

The PowerHub™ App ensures you Never Get Stranded. Advanced battery monitoring, an interactive guide and comprehensive live support is exactly what you need to get back on the road quickly and safely.

Battery Monitoring & Alerts

The PowerhHub App wirelessly monitors the battery levels of your jump-starter so you always know exactly how much power is available at a glance. The App will automatically send recharge alerts via push notification before the battery level drops too low for jump-starting. With the PowerHub App you will always know exactly how much charge you have.

Interactive Guide

The interactive guide quickly walks you through the jump-starting process one step at a time to ensure a successful jump-start every time. If incorrect connections are made the app will inform you how to resolve the issue. Whether it’s, a reversed clamp or a bad connection the PowerHub app will let you know how to correct it and get you back on the road safely.

Live Support

If all else fails, we have customer service representatives standing by to assist you directly through the app. You can either call or chat with our team at your convenience. FAQs and user manuals are also available with the tap of a button.