Fun Camping Activities this Memorial Day

There’s just nothing like getting out of the city to go camping. There’s something so relaxing about being surrounded by nature, away from the constant demands of our daily lives. When you choose to go camping for your vacation, you are essentially creating a “choose your own adventure” for yourself. How? Because you can choose to go completely off the grid – no electronics at all! Or you can opt to bring a few of your favorite modern pleasures along with you to combine the things you love most about technology and the great outdoors!

Here are some camping tips for bringing outdoor power with you when you go camping:

Listen to Your Favorite Music
The sounds of nature are beautiful but listening to your favorite songs while sitting on a dock with your fishing pole or lounging on the boat with friends can’t be beat! We recommend bringing along a rechargeable or battery-powered Bluetooth speaker when you go camping. It’s got portable power that you can take anywhere – you don’t even need a phone signal to connect!

Play Games on Your Phone
You need all the space in the car that you can get when you’re going camping. Leave the board games at home and download some games on your phone! Heads Up, 5 Second Guess, and Who Can’t Draw are all great phone games for groups. Make sure you bring some portable power to keep your phone charged!

Go Stargazing
You can see so many more stars when you get out of the city because there isn’t any light pollution! Or much less light pollution, anyway. You could bring a telescope to help you see the stars up-close or use an app that connects that dots for you, shows you constellations, and names each star in the sky!

Stay on Track with a GPS
Your cell phone’s GPS relies on cellular towers to keep track of your location and guide you along your journey. You may be without cellular service on your camping trip so make sure you have a handheld GPS that you can connect to outdoor power when you have to recharge it. There is always the option to get one that has portable power from batteries, too. Just make sure you remember to bring extra batteries!

Go Night Swimming or Fishing
If you’re lucky, the moonlight will illuminate the night so you can see when you choose to go out on the water at night! Since that doesn’t happen so often, you’ll need to bring a powerful light that you can connect to outdoor power. If there isn’t outdoor power available, we recommend a solar-powered light or one that you can power with batteries!

These are all great camping tips so you can have as much fun as possible during your trip. That being said, here is the ultimate camping tip: bring along a Duracell PowerSource Gasless Generator! You will really be able to get the most out of your camping experience with this outdoor power source. Order yours today!