5 Reasons Overlanding Should Be Your Next Adventure

Last year millions of people had to cancel their vacations with the hopes that they could reschedule them soon. We’re about a year into the global pandemic and most people are still staying safe at home hoping they’ll get the chance to take their trip soon. If you just can’t wait for the day when everything opens back up without any restrictions, we’ve got just the adventure for you: overlanding!

Overlanding is basically a mobile camping trip – you’re free to go wherever you want, whenever you want and all you need is a capable vehicle, the right gear, and a healthy appetite for adventure!

Here are 5 reasons you should consider overlanding for your next trip:

  1. Save on Lodging
    You’ll be living out of your vehicle on an overlanding trip, so your lodging costs could be next to nothing! Of course, if you don’t have a vehicle that is large enough to support a trip like this, you’ll probably have to rent one. A van or RV is ideal so you can bring everything you need and be able to sleep comfortably.
  2. Get to Know Locals and Other Travelers
    You can get to know a location in a much more intimate way when you have the power to travel wherever you want. With overlanding, you don’t have to stick to the tourist hotspots – you can go anywhere you can drive!
  3. Bring Equipment for Other Adventures
    If your vehicle is big enough, you can bring all the equipment you need for multiple adventures! Traveling by air, backpacking, or going on a road trip really puts restrictions on the amount and size of the things you can bring with you. Overlanding allows you to bring as much as you can fit in your van, RV, or SUV.
  4. Sustainability
    You’ll be mostly living off the grid on an overlanding trip. By using solar powered devices, disconnecting from electricity, and preparing your food over hot coals you will be helping to save the environment!
  5. Work on the Go
    Don’t want to take time off of work for a vacation? Want to make money to support your adventure while you’re on the road? You can work from your computer on an overlanding trip! There are campsites that provide wifi, public areas with free wifi, and portable hotspots that will allow you to turn your RV into your office! Make sure you have a reliable portable power source so you can stay connected.

Make your overlanding trip the best it can be with the Duracell PowerSource Gassless Generator. It recharges using solar power or power from your vehicle so you can bring your favorite modern comforts on the road and be as safe as can be.