How to Get Started with Your Duracell PowerSource

Watch this video first! How to get started with your new PowerSource plus special tips.

How to Charge the PowerSource

  • Charge by connecting to an AC Wall outlet. It is best to keep the PowerSource plugged in, this allows the charger to maintain the health of the battery for extended periods. The charge Light flashes during charging and stays on when fully charged.
  • You can also charge your PowerSource via solar

How to Charge Devices

  • Turn the PowerSource on by holding the power button for 3 seconds to begin charging USB and AC devices using the USB ports and AC outlets.
  • The wattmeter will only begin to show power consumption once the power draw is above 50W.
  • You can also charge with the DC accessory socket, this socket will power your 12V devices (small can fridge).

How To Use the Output Extension Cord

  • In the top compartment of your PowerSource, you'll find an output extension cord.
  • If your device has a large brick charger that does not fit directly into the AC outlet you can use the output extension cord that comes with the PowerSource.


  • To maximize the life of your SLA battery, keep the PowerSource plugged into the wall at all times. Keeping your PowerSource plugged in all the time will NOT damage the battery, the internal charger will maintain the battery in a healthy state without overcharging. If you need to disconnect your PowerSource, make sure to fully recharge it every 3 months or the internal battery may get damaged.​
  • To use the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) or Instant-On feature, plug the PowerSource into the AC wall outlet, connect your devices to the AC outlets and turn ON the PowerSource. When power goes out the PowerSource will instantly switch to backup power. When power returns the PowerSource automatically switches to wall power and starts recharging itself.
  • We do not recommend powering products with heating elements with your PowerSource because they will drain your PowerSource in 15-20 minutes.