How to Connect Solar Panels to the Duracell PowerSource for Solar Charging

Watch this video to learn how easy it is to connect solar panels to your Duracell PowerSource for solar charging.

Connect Solar Panels In 3 Easy Steps

  1. The PowerSource has a built-in solar controller. Use a 100W solar panel with a solar controller and connect to the built-in solar controller using Anderson connectors. Here's a link to a compatible solar panel:
  2. The charge light shows charging status and the LCD shows the source of the incoming charge.
  3. If both wall power and solar power as connect the PowerSource will prioritize the wall power.

More Ways to Connect:

  • If a solar panel has MC4 connectors you may use an adapter.
  • If your panel has a barrel connector you will need to convert it to an Anderson connector. Here's a link to an MC4 to Anderson connector cable you can buy:


  • Up to a 200W solar panel can be used only if it has its own charge controller and it is connected to either the 12V accessory port in front or the Daisy Chain terminals in the back.
  • For most efficient solar charging turn the PowerSource off while charging (to avoid power draw from the inverter). You will still be able to see the charging status from the charge light.