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Duracell Inverter 300

Portable power on board your vehicle, RV or boatDuracell Inverter 300

The Duracell® Inverter 300 converts DC battery power from a vehicle into AC power to operate electronics, appliances and tools, such as a mini refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, TV, stereo, small handheld power tool or portable computer on board your vehicle, boat or RV.

The Inverter 300 puts up to 300 Watts of usable AC power into a compact, stowable form factor. It features two grounded 3-prong AC plugs to power a wide range of gadgets on the road, while camping, or even during a power outage. It plugs in quickly via either included direct-connect battery clips or an included 12-Volt cigarette lighter plug and provides hours of reliable household current. Safety features include high surge capacity and low-battery shutdown which prevents total discharge of your vehicle's battery.

No matter where your travels take you, be sure to bring your Duracell Inverter 300 along for the ride!

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Duracell Inverter 300