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Duracell Pocket Inverter 175
With Advanced 2.1 Amp USB

Duracell Mobile Inverter 100

The Duracell Pocket Inverter 175 is a remarkably compact power solution for the traveler on-the-go, combining elegance and full-featured practicality. Its advanced electronics convert standard 12-volt vehicle DC battery power into safe, usable120-volt household AC electricity and ultra-fast 2.1 Amp USB charging, giving you the flexibility to take your most power-hungry equipment on the road. The advanced 2.1 Amp USB charging is among the first of its kind, giving the Pocket Inverter 175 the power output necessary to run and recharge iPads, tablet PCs, high-drain laptops, e-readers and smart phones. The inverter features a three-prong AC outlet in addition to the USB port, allowing this versatile unit to charge and run two devices simultaneously.

With up to 175 Watts of available power the Pocket Inverter 175 is also capable of handling higher-wattage applications such as work lights and small power tools. It includes ring terminals for direct battery connection, while its reliable solid state power electronics and automatic safety monitoring circuitry to ensure years of safe, trouble-free operation. A sleek, elegant case design makes the DURACELL® Pocket Inverter 175 an attractive choice for use in even for the most stylish vehicles, yet it's ready to tackle even tough charging tasks with ease.

Duracell Mobile Inverter 100 includes one AC outlet and one USB charge port Duracell Mobile Inverter 100 charges two devices at once  
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Duracell Mobile Inverter 100