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Duracell Mobile Inverter 150
With Advanced 2.1 Amp USB

Duracell Mobile Inverter 150

Power your laptop, tablet, smartphone and more... right from the dashboard of your car! The Duracell Mobile 150 features ultra-fast 2.1 Amp USB charging that powers and recharges today's most demanding devices, yet it's small enough to stash practically anywhere. This compact power converter plugs into the cigarette lighter of a car, RV, boat or other vehicle and transforms 12-volt DC battery power into 120-volt household AC electricity. The Inverter 150 is ideal for space-conscious car interiors, with an innovative flex-neck design lets you access hard-to-reach power outlets with ease.

Dual-function charging can power two devices at once via a three-prong household AC outlet and a USB charge port, making it the ideal solution for multi-tasking travelers. Quiet cooling technology virtually eliminates distracting background fan noise when the unit is in use. As one of the smallest inverters on the market, the Mobile 150 provides a smart solution for multi-tasking travelers everywhere.

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Duracell Mobile Inverter 100 includes one AC outlet and one USB charge port Duracell Mobile Inverter 100 charges two devices at once  
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Duracell Mobile Inverter 150