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Duracell Powerpack 1100

Replaces the Powerpack 300. Portable power at home, on the road and in remote locations Duracell Powerpack 300

The Duracell® Powerpack 1100 is a stand-alone source of portable power for AC, DC and USB-powered electronics such as lamps or worklights, cordless phones, iPhones or smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, GPS, TVs and more. This innovative battery-based power bank features two grounded three-prong outlets supplying up to 300 combined watts of AC power, a 12 Volt DC socket, and a powerful 2.1 Amp USB port. Additionally, the Powerpack is the ideal companion for any roadside emergency with its 250 PSI air compressor to quickly reinflate a flat tire, plus 120 cold cranking Amps of jump starting power via attached heavy-duty cables.

Whether you're at home, on the road, camping, tailgating or in need of emergency backup power during outages, the Powerpack 300 keeps your favorite devices up and running. It is a safe, silent alternative to traditional gas-powered generators and bulky automotive equipment, and is ideal for use indoors or out.

Powerpack 1100 features include:

  • Two AC outlets, one DC outlet, and one 2.1A USB port
  • Attached heavy duty jump starting cables and 120 CCA of power - jump starts many smaller vehicles without the need for another car
  • 250 PSI air compressor for inflating tires, sporting equipment, water toys and more
  • Built-in LED work/safety light
  • Rechargeable internal AGM battery
  • Can be charged via AC (wall adapter included) or solar power (solar panel and connections not included).
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Duracell Powerpack 1100