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Which Powerpacks have user-replaceable batteries?
The Powerpack 450 contains a user-replaceable battery, which can be ordered by calling Customer Service at
1-800-300-1367. The Powerpack 300 and Powerpack 600 do NOT contain user-replaceable batteries.
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How do I recycle non-replaceable Powerpack batteries?
Battery-Biz is committed to environmental responsibility and has established a program for recycling Duracell rechargeable battery-related products. For instructions on how to recycle this product visit www.rbrc.org .
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Do any of the batteries in the Duracell Powerpack products have a "memory effect"?
No, they don't. You may recharge the battery after each use without completely discharging it first.
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Can I use the Powerpack while it is being charged?
No. For the Duracell Powerpacks there is no current limiter in the AC charger. This means that if you are running either an AC or DC load larger than about 10 watts from the Powerpack while it's plugged in to charge, the AC adapter will get hot and fail. This is not a warrantable failure and you will need to purchase another AC adapter.
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Why is the charge indicator on my Powerpack clicking and flashing back and forth between amber and green?
There is a relay inside the unit which checks the condition of the battery. If the clicking persists for longer than 15 or 20 minutes after you first plug the AC charger in, there may be a problem with the battery. If the battery was deeply discharged or left uncharged for longer than three months, especially in hot weather, it may no longer accept a charge from the AC charger, which will cause the "clicking". Using the Powerpack lighter socket to run a DC product, such as a television or a cooler, without turning on the inverter to give you a low voltage alarm, can discharge the battery past the point that it will accept a charge from the AC adapter.

In those circumstances, try charging the product with the DC/DC cable in your vehicle, in accordance with the user guide. Remember that your vehicle must be running, and that the charge light will not illuminate during vehicle charging. After the product has been allowed to charge from a running vehicle for at least one hour, it may be able to accept a charge from the AC charger.
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Charging a Vehicle Battery & Jump Starting Tips
As a general rule, to get the CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) number, multiply the amp hour capacity of the Powerpack battery by ten. The bigger the battery, the more cold cranking amps you can apply to jump-starting (with the Powerpack battery at full charge). CCA information is in the Electrical Specifications in each Powerpack User Guide.

  • Jump start instructions can vary significantly from product to product. If you have used Powerpacks before, do not assume that the instructions from your previous product are the same as a different model. Always consult the user guide prior to first use in a jump start application.
  • No Powerpack is guaranteed to jump-start all vehicles. Battery-Biz has no control over how fully charged the Powerpack is at the time of use, nor the state of the customer's vehicle electrical system; all we can do is offer rough guidelines.
  • When it comes to jump-starting, any fully charged Powerpack is better than none. Provided you recharge it as soon as practical, it won't will not hurt the Powerpack if you try it on a larger vehicle with a dead battery, and it may provide enough current to get you on your way. It is less likely to work if you have a large vehicle and a small Powerpack, however, because of the smaller CCA capacity of the Powerpack.

    The reverse is also true; none of the larger Powerpacks have so much capacity that using them to jump start a small vehicle in accordance with the instructions will hurt your vehicle battery.
If you wish to be able to consistently start an 8-cylinder vehicle, we recommend the Duracell Powerpack 600. If you have a 4- or 6-cylinder vehicle, either the Powerpack 300 or Powerpack 450 should work fine. We don't recommend using the Powerpack 300EP or smaller units for anything but use with a 4-cylinder vehicle .

One important point to remember about Powerpacks is that they require special consideration when placed in a car. The manual states that the product must be charged at the time of purchase and at least every three months thereafter, but if you are leaving it in a car, we recommend that you try to charge it at least every month. Don't try to charge it when the ambient temperature is below 0 degrees C or above 40 degrees C as that is very hard on the battery.

Since the product is convenient to charge in a vehicle, use the included DC/DC cable to charge up the product as often as you remember to. (Make sure the product is above freezing when you charge it!) Remember also to disconnect the charging cable when the vehicle isn't running, and that you don't get a charging indicator light during car charging.

Never touch the positive and negative clips together when the jumper cable is plugged into the Powerpack. The jump start function may stop working if this happens.

If you keep these simple tips for use with vehicles in mind, you should get years of trouble free use, and at least 200 - 300 recharges, out of your Powerpack product.
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Can I use the lighter plug adapter (DC/DC cable) for my Powerpack to charge the battery in my car?
You can use the DC/DC cable provided with the Powerpack to charge the battery in your vehicle, but note the following:
  1. The Powerpack unit must be fully charged, as shown by the battery status lights.
  2. The car battery can't be completely flat.
  3. If it's very hot or very cold, it is less likely to work.
  4. Even if it works, you have to wait a while; it will take about 15 minutes.
The best way to jump start the vehicle is to use the jumper cables, for those Powerpack products which come equipped with jumper cables. You are putting more current into the battery in a shorter period of time.
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My Powerpack 300 compressor accessories are missing. How can I find them?
The two nozzles and one sports needle adapter are located in a storage compartment on the reverse back of the Powerpack 300, on the lower left side . This is marked as the nozzle adapter compartment. There is a small dimple in the lid allowing you to slide the compartment open to the left.
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Is there a storage compartment on my Powerpack 600?
The manual for the Duracell Powerpack 600HD mentions a storage compartment. This was an error; there is no storage compartment for the AC charger and DC cables. This will be corrected in future versions of the manual.
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Where is the incandescent light switch on my Powerpack 600?
The owner's guide for this product does not show the location for this switch. It is directly underneath the handle for the product.
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Where is the AC Charger input location on my Powerpack 600?
The product manual does not specify the location of the AC Charger input socket. It is located on the left side of the product immediately underneath the DC Power socket.
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