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Duracell Powerpack 1300

Replaces the Powerpack 600. Portable power at home, on the road and in remote locations. Duracell Powerpack 1300

The Duracell® Powerpack 1300 is the ideal choice for plentiful power any time, anywhere. This ingenious portable power source supplies up to 600 combined Watts of self-contained AC power via three grounded AC outlets to operate lamps, portable lights, cordless or cell phones, iPhones or smartphones, tablet computers, GPS, small power tools, portable coolers, small appliances and much more. It also features two 2.1 Amp USB ports to charge additional electronic devices and a 12V DC outlet. Its rugged case stands up to plenty of heavy duty use, and features a built-in work light and heavy duty detachable jump starting cables with 280 cold cranking amps of power — enough to boost most vehicle, boat or small RV batteries without the need for another "source" car.

The Powerpack 1300 provides power-on-demand at job sites, camp sites, sporting events, outdoor activities, traveling, or even at home as the perfect backup during power outages. Its safe, silent, fuel-free operation allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors wherever you need it most.

 Powerpack 1300 features include:

  • Two AC outlets, one DC outlet, and two 2.1A USB ports
  • Removable heavy duty jump starting cables and 280 CCA of power - jump starts many full-size vehicles, boats and RVs without the need for an additional car
  • Built-in ultra bright LED work/emergency light
  • Rechargeable internal AGM battery
  • Can be charged via AC (wall adapter included) or solar power (solar panel and connections not included).
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Duracell Powerpack 1300